Spring Cleaning

With Spring slowly creeping back to Canada, today was the day for scrubbing my apartment floor boards to ceiling. I’m more than positive March is a little early this far north and what I’m experiencing is just wishful thinking, but I’m ready for the snow to melt and temperatures to rise somewhere above zero. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Alberta’s climate, the weather can drop a steady 30 degrees overnight or change from blue skies to white out conditions in a matter of minutes. Winter doesn’t come without it’s benefits though, and living so close to the Rockey Mountains is a definite perk of the nasty weather. The seasonal changes here are a true sight of beauty and hiking local frozen rivers and waterfalls is a favorite pastime of mine.

Johnston Canyon, AB – Curtis Dez Photography

The onslaught of motivation today is really what pushed me to get my blog online. As somewhat of a perfectionist and Type A personality, I’ve been sitting on articles for years and I’ve held back from publishing because I haven’t been completely happy with my work. I finally purchased my domain a couple weeks back and figured that would do for a final push of motivation. Once I’m happy with my design I know the whole process will flow, but trust, progress is being made!

My goals have been set and the wheels are in motion!


One thought on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Looking good lady!! looks a lot better on here than it did on my little phone lol. Keep it up meow, I`m excited to read more!!! (Ps LOVE that Johnson`s Canyon pic)

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