Haus Frau Spa

Life has been kicking my ass lately. I haven’t had a two day weekend in over 3 months, and frankly I’m exhausted. Beauty maintenance has been pushed to a “as necessary” priority, and it’s been a little tough on me!

I came home yesterday from a particularly busy 6 hour lab and knew I needed a little R&R to make it through the rest of the week. Let me present to you: my DIY spa night, for ladies in a pinch or on a budget. (Brace yourselves, it’s going to be a long one.)

First things first, get your products set up and decide on a time line. What do you have available to you, what do you want to accomplish and how much of your day are you willing to dedicate to the experience. I typically try to get in a face mask (or two), hair treatment, body scrub and if I’m lucky, an application of self tanner. More time on your hands? Refresh that mani/pedi!

Brush your hair, run yourself a bath and relax. If I’m going to be doing my nails, I remove all polish at this point and throw my hair mask in the tub. Warming up your hair products usually allows them to better penetrate the hair shaft. I do my biweekly shampoo, apply my hair mask and throw my hair in a friendly bun. I do my first round of Clarisonic at this point (1min) and apply my face mask because I won’t be submerging my head for next little while.

Sit back. Relax. Light some candles if you haven’t already. Find your favourite songza playlist. This isn’t your usual wash-and-dry-my-hair-ASAP-and-get-out-the-door. Give yourself a good soak. I bet you forgot what that felt like, didn’t you?

When you’re ready to move forward with your beautification process, shave your usuals. I follow this with a full body scrub, with the help of my amazing boyfriend treating my back. Have you ever had your back scrubbed? That shit is DIVINE. Have a pumice stone? Why not scrub those toes, because you’re about to drain your bath. I always get sand EVERYWHERE from my exfoliant, so I usually try to give my tub a rinse when I start the shower.

Rinse out your hair mask, remove your face mask and apply your regular conditioner. At this point I do my second round with my Clarisonic. Wait an appropriate amount of time for your conditioner to sink in, loofa up and rinse down.

Once I get out of the shower, I use my leave in conditioner and facial moisturizer, giving it a few minutes to soak in. Sometimes, if I’ve got more time than anyone else in the world, I throw on a moisturizing mask. Time permitting, one of my favourite steps to finish my spa experience is self tanner. Head to toe. Getting a nice faux glow is one of my fail proof feel better moves. I use a fast drying formula, and after a few minutes I’m ready to put on a loosely fitting bath robe!

Mani, pedi, glass of wine. Why not strut around the house in your freshened up new glory? You deserved it!


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